Aries Woman And Gemini Man

Aries Woman and Gemini Man

When fiery Aries meets airy Gemini it makes sweet and lovely relationship between Aries woman and Gemini man. Aries woman shows lively and passionate nature while Gemini man freedom in addition to what they can get from Aries woman. Aries woman: Aries woman is ready to take on any challenges. They easily get fascinated by new ideas and tend to run to achieve them.


They can take fast decisions right at that moment but such hasty decisions can also be wrong sometimes. They often forget to think precisely while taking any decision. She will need loyalty and regular admiration from her lover to keep their relationship going. She can become demanding at times and wanting her lover to follow her.

Gemini Man: Gemini man is friendly and social in nature. They are logically good but often lack the ability to take good decisions. He can adjust well with situations thus never really has problem fighting for their superiority. They also like to be free of responsibilities which give them chance to learn more and more from life. Gemini man likes the smart people and they tend to make bonds with several people at times. They are show possessiveness for people.

Aries woman and Gemini man

In Aries woman and Gemini man relationship, Aries woman show lot of dedication to her partner. She will always stand by him all the time. She understands his dreams and helps him to achieve them. She will show affection to him and needs his loyalty and admiration in return. He should understand that Aries woman has higher expectations thus he will need to show some practicality to fit to their expectations.

Aries woman and Gemini man relationship: Gemini man has better imaginative power than Aries woman. Thus they may find it easy to match with one another's intellectuals. Gemini man brings logical questions for Aries woman which she loves to solve. Similarly she can also take help of Gemini man to solve her problems. As they grow more understanding with each other Aries will be able to show their caring nature while Gemini man will show their honesty.

There can be some dull moments when Gemini man tries to be on the top of their relationship. Aries woman will allow him to control her as long as he shows interest in her. When Aries woman and Gemini man both come together, Gemini admires her energy and talent. When enough trust is built between them, Aries woman tend to leave their possessiveness.

Their intimacy will also boost the ego of the Aries woman. She will allow some freedom to Gemini man. In order to make Aries woman and Gemini man relationship last long, Gemini man should show devotion and love towards Aries woman. Aries should be more cautious while taking any decisions. If they can work on these differences then there are many things to cherish in this relationship.

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