Aries Man And Gemini Woman

Aries Man and Gemini Woman

  Aries man is energetic and innocent like a child. Gemini woman is also high spirited and social in nature. Aries man and Gemini woman can get along well with their good communicating abilities. Aries man: Aries man is social and outgoing person. They like to meet new people and impress them with his handsome and charismatic personality. He dominates in most of the aspects of his life. He has inborn leading qualities to lead others. He would like to help people but they also seek admiration in return. They will show impulsiveness if they don’t get enough respect from people. He can also be reckless sometimes. Aries man is also a good lover who can always satisfy his lover.


Gemini woman: Gemini woman is highly talkative and social person. She is always carried away with many thoughts making home in her mind. She can keep the Aries man guessing and thrilled all the time. She is fun loving and witty person who can always keep Aries man entertained. She would bring new thoughts in their relationship and Aries man will complete it with ease.

Aries man and Gemini woman

Aries man and Gemini woman relationship can have some ups and downs. Gemini woman is good at observing thus she may find some flaws in the work of Aries man who will never tolerate this. Her social nature pulls her away from Aries man and tends to find more attractive people. She may also go looking for some better qualities than her current partner.

This would have shaken the grounds of other people but Aries people have all the qualities needed by Gemini woman, thus this bond becomes much stronger and reliable. Aries man likes the thoughtfulness of Gemini woman and he would like to take second opinion from her.

Aries man and Gemini woman relationship: Aries man is always involved in all the activities possible while Gemini woman is imaginative who will bring even more ideas to Aries man. Aries man believes in practicality while Gemini can only produce batch of dreams. Normally short tempered Aries never gets angry on such personality of Gemini as he likes the dreamy nature of her. Thus Gemini woman should try to be as supportive as she can. Gemini woman will rely completely on Aries man to complete her wishes. With proper affection from Aries man she can forget all of her past memories and be honest with him.

There can be some problems related to loyalty in Aries man and Gemini woman relationship. Gemini woman tends to get fascinated sometimes by other males in her social network. She may create bonds with other people in order to get to know him. Aries man who wants to be closed with her can feel the reluctant nature of Gemini woman. He will immediately get suspicious on her and his possessiveness will grow even more. In Aries man and Gemini woman, Aries man is reliable and caring while he can also be rude sometimes. He can get possessive about Gemini woman due to her other social bonding. She is adaptive in nature but often fail to understand the feelings of Aries man. If Gemini woman can prove her loyalty then they can live very happy life together.

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